About - Artist


Anthony Chinedu Ezeifedi, a Canadian-based artist, born in Lagos, Nigeria, but was raised amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Lagos and Anambra. His artistic journey commenced with a formal Fine and Applied Arts education in Nigeria.

His experiences and observations of everyday life have always guided his creative practice. Starting as a trainee at USP Communication, he ascended to Managing Director at Scope Drops, a Branding firm. He has also held pivotal positions, such as Art Director at creative agencies like Ogilvy and HKLM. His artistic prowess is elegantly complemented by his adept command over various graphic software and applications.

His artistic practice spans an impressive array of disciplines encompassing advertising, printing, painting, charcoal drawing, illustration, design, and branding.

Rooted in his fervent admiration for the everyday human experience, his artistic creations resonate on a profoundly human level. As a Canadian-based artist, Anthony C. Ezeifedi continues to bridge cultures through his creative endeavours. His passion for visual storytelling and multifaceted abilities position him as a force in contemporary art and design.